Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Briar Street Theater Tickets | Chicago, Illinois

CALLING ALL PERFORMANCE ARTS LOVERS. The time has finally come for the legendary Blue Man Group to come to Illinois. Alongside some of the loudest audiences in the world, you have the opportunity to see some of the hottest performers alive today. Or, you have the choice to come purely for the venue. The world famous Briar Street Theatre has played host to some of the greatest performances EVER. Whatever you come for, you are certain to be a part of the most must-see event of the decade. Grab your friends and get down to the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago. Pulses will be racing, crowds will be cheering, and it is sure to be an incredible night. Don’t miss out, secure your tickets here!

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

In the late 1980s, three friends worked together to create something unique, fun, and epic. The Blue Man Group, as they would come to be called, celebrated the end of the 80s with public street demonstrations that quickly found an audience in the Astor Place Theatre in 1991. Ever since then, Blue Man Group has captured the imaginations of audiences from Vegas to New York and even to Germany, Berlin. The group performs regularly across the world with performances that feature audience participation, unique instruments made of pipes, and poignant stories regarding isolation and other relatable topics. Today, Blue Man Group has found a place in the hearts of audiences across the globe and the producers hope to find their way into yours as well.

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

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