Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Briar Street Theater Tickets | Chicago, Illinois

Tickets are shifting now for Blue Man Group LIVE in theater as they perform on Saturday 27th April 2019 at Briar Street Theater. This event is guaranteed to be the one you should not miss. Audiences and fans agree that if you want an epic Saturday night, then you can't go wrong by seeing Blue Man Group when they come back to Chicago. This show may be the premier of 2019 and will be on stage every Saturday night while they're in the city. So secure your ticket online now and enjoy world class stage entertainment that you aren't going to find anywhere else.

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

When you’re planning your evening out on the town for theatrical entertainment, you don’t want the best parts of the night to begin and end with the curtains rise and fall. That’s why everyone in Chicago Illinois is eagerly awaiting the Saturday 27th April 2019 premiere of Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater. Because this theater house doesn’t just provide the finest theater companies and productions from local and national talent, they also provide a host of perks and services that are guaranteed to make your Saturday night even better. From Briar Street Theater being on the same block and street as some of the finest restaurants and bars in the city to having convenient and secured parking right around the corner, finding a safe spot to park, a fun place to dine, and your choice of drinks is a snap. Then, once you enter Briar Street Theater, you’ll be able to experience the friendly attention of their trained staff who will do everything they can to make you feel special on your evening out. That means refreshing beverages during the show, clean facilities, and comfortable seating no matter where you are in the house. So if you’re searching for the best way to spend your one evening of relaxation and theatrical entertainment, then choosing Briar Street Theater is your best option. To order your tickets to see Blue Man Group live on Saturday 27th April 2019 at Briar Street Theater click the Buy Tickets button below.

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