Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Briar Street Theater Tickets | Chicago, Illinois

The Blue Man Group have been mesmerizing audiences ever since they first hit the scene in 1987. The incredible event set out to transform the stages around the world with mind-blowing music and unforgettable displays. Their live performances have taken them to an international scale, reaching all corners of the earth and now in 2023 they will be travelling to Chicago! Join them this May as they bring their glorious set to the Briar Street Theatre on Saturday 13th May 2023! Tickets are available to buy here – and there's no time to wait!

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

You might be thinking that experiencing talented talents like The Blue Man Group is the main reason to come out to the world famous Briar Street Theatre in Chicago, Illinois for their events. But that would ignore all the perks and benefits that your tickets willearn you just as a reward for your time. The Briar Street Theatre is staffed by a team of friendly assistants, servicemen, and attendants who will guide you quickly to your seats and make sure that you have the easiest possible experience. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the show with the comfortable seating that’s designed for relaxation and full enjoyment. Once the show ends, the benefits don’t stop, since the Briar Street Theatre is also on the same street and block as some of the most popular dining options in town. It’s easy to see why the Briar Street Theatre is such a popular choice for fans of music and live performances. Order your tickets to see The Blue Man Group live on Saturday 13th May 2023 by clicking on the Buy Tickets button below.

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

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