Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Briar Street Theater Tickets | Chicago, Illinois

There's nothing better than heading out for the evening to watch something extraordinary! Make your Saturday a unique one with the iconic Blue Man Group! Known for their breathtaking and colorful shows, the Blue Man Group will have you glued to your seats! Buy your tickets today as they come to the phenomenal Briar Street Theatre in Chicago on Saturday 1st April 2023!!

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

As one of the world's most sought after touring acts, it's only right that fans of the Blue Man Group would want to experience them at a venue that takes care in catering for their every need! Which is why everyone in Illinois recommends Briar Street Theatre! With its thrilling atmosphere and world renowned sound and lighting, it's the perfect place to see such an out of this world show! Not only that, but Briar Street Theatre is perfectly positioned next to a number of lively restaurants, as well as offering convenient parking, to make your visit as comfortable as possible!

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

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