Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Briar Street Theater Tickets | Chicago, Illinois

Are you busy this month? Have you got any free time? WELL, MAKE SOME! Blue Man Group IS COMING TO Chicago. Yes, pinch yourself, you heard it right. The world-renowned Briar Street Theater will yet-again play host to one of the greatest events EVER. How long have you waited to be in a crowd of 1000’s of people, all screaming, cheering, and creating a memory of a lifetime? Well now is your chance. Do you want to be part of the incredible crowd, then don’t wait. Save the date, Thursday 19th March 2020. Tickets are selling fast, so get your tickets today!

Blue Man Group at Briar Street Theater

The finest local and national other legends like Blue Man Group don’t come to just any location. For stars like them, only the best venues across the country will do and that’s why Briar Street Theater was picked to host Blue Man Group and their Thursday 19th March 2020 premiere. That’s because Briar Street Theater has been designed with fantastic sound and lighting engineering that keeps you a part of the experience no matter how far you are from the stage. The high-capacity stands are complemented by the very best in cozy seating making your visit a tranquil experience. Briar Street Theater is also conveniently located just around the corner of some of the leading restaurants and bars in town for those fans of other shows that want dinner and refreshments before or after the show. When you put this together this with the convenient parking available to the audience right around the corner, it isn't hard to see why Briar Street Theater is the favorite venue to be in Chicago. So ensure you don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets, today.

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